1 - 5 # Box of Hot Links in your choice of

Original Pittsburg brand Hot Links in Beef


Pittsburg brand Chicken & Pork Links

1 - 5 oz. Texan brand Hot Sauce

20 - *Lance brand Saltine Crackers

1 - Reusable, Professional Grade Packing


Pork and Chicken Links are LIMITED at this time. If we need to substitute, we'll call you.  



The Original Pittsburg Brand Hot Links you ate as a kid are all beef, hand-tied in a natural pork casing and traditionally seasoned. Now, you can also choose Pork & Chicken Links, hand-tied in a natural pork casing and traditionally seasoned.
The 5lb box of uncooked hot links will have approximately 36 hot links.
Covid note: *Substitutions may be required.
To order 2- 5# boxes, select THE OO SMITH
To order 3- 5# boxes, select THE WARRICK
To order 4- 5# boxes, select THE MEAN GENE


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