5 Doz PORK & CHICKEN -Cooked

5 Doz  PORK & CHICKEN -Cooked
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5 Dozen Cooked Pork and Chicken Links. Traditionally hand-tied and seasoned with our original spices.  Prepared in the restaurant beginning May 27, 2020, we wrap them by the dozen in white butcher paper and freeze them for shipping to your home, from ours. 

This process retains all the greasy goodness in the hot links...  When you receive the packages you can re-freeze or place them in the oven to re-heat.  It won't take long to re-heat, depending on how you like your hot links.... 



FEDEX 2 DAY Express . Occassionally, we will need to contact you with changes.

ONLY in Texas, HOME DELIVERY that will arrive in 1 day, is an option. All others must ship Express.
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